This morning I read an article about fear. The writer tells the story of a nineteen year old man whose mother died and his father remarried.

Everything went well for him until she started maltreating and abusing this young man. One day, she slapped him because he asked for money to process his admission. At that point, he knew he couldn’t stay any longer in that house. He made up his mind to leave to a better place. His father tried to stop him. He rained a lot of curses on him and one curse that stuck to his brain was “As long as I am your father and I contributed to your birth, you will never succeed in life until you come back home”

Those words rang in his head. This young man went to his uncle’s in another town. The uncle helped him in his Buisness and was able to get money for his admission. He got into school but those words haunted and rang in his head. He began to drift from his studies and no matter how hard he tried, he always failed. Then he was expelled from school because of his bad result. He knew his father’s curse was working against him. He knew he had to go back home to beg his father.

One day, he narrated to his uncle his ordeal and the circumstance surrounding his departure from home. As he was expecting his uncle to shake his head in pity, the man just looked at him and laughed. Then he told him “That man is not your father. You mother was pregnant before she met him. I thought my sister would have told you before she died. I can’t believe you have allowed fear take hold of your life”

The young man then knew he was the cause of his own problems. He had allowed fear occupy his mind. He cleared his mind of the guilt and fear, re-aplied to that same school, and came out with a better result.

That young man failed because he surrounded his aura with bad thoughts. This is something peculiar with most of us. We spend our time praying and commanding God to send fire to all the demons who are stopping and fighting our destinies. While you chose to focus on praying against demons, Rethink and redirect your prayers for Strength to overcome the spirit of Fear and doubt.

The devil is not as strong as he makes us to believe. He can’t do anything if you don’t allow him to. One thing he does is to feed on our weakness and use “us” to harm us. The greatest enemy in our lives is ourselves. That huge project you want to do, That dream you have, Those people you want to meet…. You do not do any of it because you think you are not good or talented enough. God wants you to be happy he can not Force it on you. Whatever happens in your lives, is based on the decisions and choices you make.

When things do not work well for you, it is not God’s fault. It’s not that old woman in your village or any demon. The choice is yours. Refill and Refresh your mind every minute with positive thoughts. Even though it looks bad, just keep doing it.



One myth i grew up hearing a lot about was the fallacy surrounding the Baby Bush. As children, we kept hearing and believing different and scary stories about it. In Nigeria, Everything changes.

The Baby Bush’s existence in Nigeria is so much hyped and exaggerated that many people now have a different knowledge of what it really is.

Some say it has breasts like a woman. Some say it carries with it an expensive mat and you’d have to wrestle with it before you can collect it. Some say it carries a whip with which whoever it flogs, disappears forever…Yea right…Some say whoever beholds its sight at night, turns to a tree. Some say it has horns. Some say it looks half human, half dog. Some say it’s a demon…

Last night, my neighbour (the reason I decided to write about this) was telling a group of gullible listeners who were either drunk like him or had their senses paused about his ordeal with a bush baby in his village.

It had stopped him one night and challenged him to a duel. He wrestled and wrestled and super Hercules defeated the Bush Baby. His listeners were hailing and applauding him. Telling him how brave and daring he is

The first time I saw the Bush Baby on T.V, I was looking for the expensive mat and whip and horns and all they said it had but disappointedly, I saw none. IT WAS JUST AN ANIMAL NOT DIFFERENT FROM WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE.

The Baby Bush also known as Gelago is a nocturnal animal that eats insects,fruits and smaller animals NOT HUMAN BEINGS. Because it is a nocturnal insect, it has bulgy eyes that aids good night vision.

Who or what came up with these fallacies? It’s got to stop. It makes people have false impression about the Baby Bush.

Notwithstanding, the fallacies are funny. I mean now that i know they aren’t true, I find it amusing to think I once fell for it

What are the fallacies you’ve heard about the Bush Baby?

20 Things about me

  1. I’m a keen observer. I notice things people don’t. I notice facial expressions. I notice small movements. I can read people intuitively. No matter how hard you try to facade yourself, I’ll still read you perfectly
  2. Sometimes I’m indecisive and unpredictable. This minute I want to do something, the next minute I’ve changed my mind
  3. I can’t work well under pressure. I always need long uninterrupted time
  4. When I do something I have no interest in, I do it nonchalantly. But when I have interest in something, I make sure it comes out with the best result
  5. By now you should know I’m an introvert
  6. When I love, I love with all my heart. When I hate, I hate with all my heart
  7. I can read words turned upside down…..No it’s not weird
  8. I’m a movie fanatic.. Fantasies. Epics. Comedies. Supernatural and Psychological thrillers. I love it when the villian is mean and funny at the same time.
  9. Any book aside Novels, History and the Bible are boring. African literature is my favorite.
  10. I don’t like reading a book or watching a movie the second time after I’ve eagerly read or watched it the first time
  11. If I’m asked to make a wish, I’ll wish to be taken on a trip outside space. If I wasn’t born a Nigerian, I’d have been a Meteorologist or an Astronomer.
  12. There is something sexy about men who can sing. Then there is something extremely sexy about Handsome men that can sing
  13. I am a deep thinker. Sometimes I have to “hey snap out of it” I think about what’s beneath the endless dark space in the universe. What if a star or the sun falls on the earth? What if we had wings and we flew like birds? What if one day God announces to us that lucifer has appologised and they’ve reconciled and they’ll be no more trouble for man. The world would be peaceful like it was meant to be be
  14. How is it possible that dragons can bring out fire from their mouth? Is there a hole in their mouth where fuel and matches are stored?
  15. I don’t like sharing my earphones. You can take my phone and do whatever you want with it but please don’t touch my earphone. You won’t handle it with better care than I do
  16. I love the fragrance on babies that’s why I sniff them when I carry them.
  17. You want to hear something really ridiculous? I once stepped on a scorpion and it stung me. I am not afraid of them. I can kill them anywhere but I can not kill rats. I have this thing for rats and Lizards jumping on my legs. I’d rather somebody else kills them and not me…Lol. I know right.
  18. Most people assume I’m a snob… Oh well, every introvert has always been assumed a snob until you become friends with them and they become very comfortable with you too
  19. I think Genevieve Nnaji is the most beautiful African woman. Maybe because I admire her very much
  20. God loves me more than anybody can ever love me best